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Featured Restaurant of the Week

Prawn Chilli Fry: The tastiest tiny prawns stir fried with fiery chillies, tomatoes, onions and peppers. The perfect accompaniment with some chilled beer

Watermelon Martini: A quick fix to the occasion, Vodka, martini, watermelon and ice

Tisrio Masala: Fresh sea clams tossed in local aromatic spices, finished with grated coconut and chopped coriander. Can’t get anymore local than this.

Sangria: The bartender’s special, Red Wine infused with his secret mix, topped with chopped fuits

Shilka: A brothy Arabic speciality made with poached vegetables and fish with turmeric. Served with steamed rice.

Chocolate Brownie: Moist chocolate brownie, gooey to the core. Served with chocolate chips & chocolate sauce.


Fish Caldin: Chef’s take on the Goan Caldinho, made with coconut milk and onion gravy served with steamed rice

Bite size chicken cubes, tossed with pepper, onions & chillies in a fusion of local flavours

Bombay Duck Rawa Fry: Semolina fried Bombay ducks dusted in light spices, served with salad.

Mushkak- Arabic style chicken skewers marinated with yogurt & spices

The Weekend Goan Platter: A choice of Kingfish, Mackrel, Chicken or vegetarian. A meal by itself. Whole wheat chapattis served with vegetables, salad, sauted spicy Tisrio or clams, portion of fried fish, curry, papad and Goan Pancake to end on a sweet note

Fish Ambotik: The classic sour & spicy ambotik with onions, tomatoes, kokum and chillies.

Tude Bistro, Alto Porvorim

Recipe of the Week

Even if one is not a vegetarian or vegan, this dish is sure to please even a meat lover. Try out my quick Japanese version with health benefits of this soy product.

Chef of the Month

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