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Featured Restaurant of the Week

Bife O'Coqueiro com ovo a Cavalo - Beef steak marinated in traditional sauces, grilled to your choice, topped with a creamy sauce & served with veggies & fries.

Bolinhas de Arroz - Portuguese styled cheesy rice balls breaded & fried. Served with a garlic sauce.

Caramel Custard - An all time favourite. Caramelized sugar, topped with a creamy custard that has been baked to give it that divine giggle!!

Galinha Cafreal - The classic, rustic roast chicken marinated in fresh herbs like mint, coriander and  spices, slow roasted & served with fries.

Blue Pina - A cooler layered with pineapple juice, blue coraçon and club soda, topped with ice.
Lone Ranger - A quirky mix of apple juice blended with strawberries!!

Pan fried calamari - Calamari rings tossed in local reachado masala.

Samarachi kodi - The super aromatic dry prawn curry with tempered masalas & roasted coconut. Combined together with dry mango. 

Prawn curry - Prawns poached in a creamy coconut curry, scented with turmeric & green chillis.

Goan rice - Traditional red rice steamed.

Ressóise de Camarão - Delicate pastry stuffed with a creamy prawn stuffing, breaded  & fried.

Serradura - Better known as. The most popular Portuguese dessert, The Serradura is basically a creamy light pudding layered with biscuit powder, also known as a sawdust pudding.

Stuffed Crab - Crab shells stuffed with crab meat tossed with chopped onions & masala.

Virgin Colada - The non Alcoholic version of a pinacolada. Made from pineapple juice, shaken with cream and lime. 
Florida - Fruity concoction made with orange juice, grenadine & pineapple juice.

O Coqueiro, Porvorim

Recipe of the Week

Nothing beats traditional prawn curry with Goan rice followed by an afternoon siesta on a Sunday. Here’s a recipe from O’Coqueiro at Porvorim to be enjoyed in true Goan style.

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