Arthur’s Theme, Candolim

The 20 year old restaurant that created waves in the city of Pune, has finally touched down, right here in Candolim!! Arthur’s Theme is located at the Acacia hotel serving some impressive modern European cuisine, with tastefully created ambience, to come perfectly together with the food. Even the names of the dishes are archaic and in perfect sync with Arthur’s Theme If you haven’t been there yet, better hurry!!

Purple Flirt - A concoction made from a blend of gin & sambuca,shaken with crushed ice & finished with a dash of blue coraçon.

Sex on the beach - An all time classic, that hardly needs any introduction. Vodka shaken with peach schnapps, cranberry juice & orange juice, served in an elegant martini glass.

Karl II - A classy take on vegetarian croquettes made from Sautéed spinach & corn, chopped up & shallow fried to give you these beautiful nuggets. Served with a house special sauce.

Czar - Basil pesto basted onto fillets of fish, served on a bed of ratatouille & grilled vegetables, topped with creamy pesto sauce.

Lemon Soufflé - Light and fluffy Lemon soufflé, with a base of & garnished with a zest of lime..

Bloody Guava - Crafty guava cocktail made from guava juice, bhut jolokia chili sauce, a squeeze of lime & white pepper, shaken over a generous amount of ice.

Virgin Mojito - A cool mocktail made from muddled lime & mint topped with ice, club soda & sugar syrup.

Tiramisu - The Italian rock star of desserts. Made from a light creamy mascarpone cheese, flavored with coffee liqueur & dusted with chocolate powder. 

Humbert - The chefs take on a highly aromatic cottage cheese shashlik served on a bed of rice , finished with a tomato based sauce.

Emelie - Flattened pieces of chicken breast, marinated in thyme, crushed pepper & lemon, dusted with bread crumbs & sesame seeds, deep fried & served.

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