Baba Au Rhum, French Cafe, Anjuna

The smell of fresh bread in the air, the aroma of the paddy fields after the harvest, aah.. the season is here. That’s when I hear my stomach say, ‘”its time we head to Baba Au Rhum”. Nestled in its new location, between Anjuna and Arpora, they have no problem getting herds of salivating customers to their door step. Chef and owner Leo and Dayini, gladly say, their new location was a blessing in disguise.

Coco in Goa – A super combo to kill the heat when in the tropics, Mango, yoghurt, coconut milk, and pineapple juice. This smoothie has got to give you the feeling of Goa.
Orange Blush – Another brilliant concoction, to cool down, doesn’t get healthier than this.. Orange, apple and strawberry juice.

Hercules burger – European version of a classic healthy hearty burger, comprising of a large beef patty with pickled gherkins and jalapeños, caramelized onions, salad and their secret sauce!! Served with a house dip and fries. A definite must try..

Mozzarella Pizza – Now if you have thought that Italians are the only people who made pizzas, you haven’t tried the French version. With a hint of garlic towards the end, and an aroma of melted cheese, it comes down to this.. Oven fresh pizza topped with buffalo mozzarella and basil.

Croissant – This is undoubtedly the best croissant, I have ever had in India!! Just wow. Hats off in pulling this one out of the bag guys!! Warm flakey bread, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Best had with a good coffee, cheese, ham or even chocolate!! If you haven’t had one of these, you have no idea what you are missing!!

Opera Cake – Different, but interesting. A pastry, made with chocolate, chocolate ganache, homemade almond marzipan, butter cream and coffee, with a light flavor, spot on to be precise.

Passion Fruit chocolate – Passion fruit compote, with a crisp pie base, topped with chocolate mousse and dusted with coco powder. An awesome experience..

The classic Cappuccino – A strong shot of espresso, with foamy milk. My favorite combo being with a fresh crisp croissant.

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