Baker Street, Porvorim

One of Goa’s youngest entrepreneurs to make it big in the food segment in Goa. Gilroy straight out of catering college, decided it was not his cup of tea to work for someone.
After 3 years of constant continuous effort of starting his day as early as 4 a.m. Gilroy now laughs, saying “it has paid off”. “Now I can go to the gym!!”

The roast chicken sandwich - total utter goodness, in a baguette.

The Cinnamon doughnut with some coffee...

The Custard doughnut!!

Mmmmmm.. The White Chocolate doughnut

Complex Vs simple - the double chocolate doughnut Vs the glazed doughnut

Mixed Doughnuts. The best we found so far!! A definite must try..

Nutella Cake - And now it comes down to this..Simple and exquisite.

Zebra Truffle - Something not so common to find. A definite must try for those special occasions, made from white and dark chocolate.

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