Café Inn, Palolem

Want to know why I love being a foodie?? Here it is.. So I decided to take a break from work this one weekend, and head down south to Palolem. On reaching there early, decided to catch a good cup of coffee. Found this quaint little café, just before reaching the beach.
On checking the menu, I was dazzled with the variety or choice available. Right from English breakfast’s, to smoothies, to fresh juices and not to forget the ‘Mezethes’, only to realize this café was being run by a gentle man from Israel!! I was totally blown away; this is my style of café. Great stuff, fresh, and highly recommended, if any of you guys are in the vicinity…

Café Latte/ Grand Latte – so if you love milk coffee and were spoiled for choice, this is what it would look like. Three layers of steamed milk, with a shot of espresso and topped with milk foam..
Mint Smoothie- Combat the Goan Summer in a giffy with one glass of this ice cool, delicious smoothie
Cappuccino – The most famous of them all, the Cappuccino, made from freshly ground coffee. This coffee is basically an espresso coffee, topped with steamed milk, An excellent way to start the day.
Coffee slush – so if you think it’s one of those days, and you want to go easy, a great way to start would be the coffee slush, made with soya milk!!
Mango Smoothie – Since its summer, and mango season, what better way to enjoy the King of fruits, than in the form of a smoothie!! Just what you need to beat the summer heat.
The Deli Sandwich – For those of you who think you are good eaters, you should try this. An excellent sub filled with 3 types of chicken pastrami, topped with a generous layer of aioli, jalapeno peppers, homemade pickles, salad greens, tomatoes & red onions. Don’t forget, the bread is homemade too!!
The English breakfast – My favorite and surely yours 100% guaranteed if you are a foodie. This is something that would surely drag me 90km away from home, With a choice of eggs, served with bacon & sausages, together with a side of baked beans. Not to forget the hash brown potatoes, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, homemade bread rolls and a choice of 3 mezethes. Get through this alone, and you have found heaven on earth!!
Feta cheese wrap – This for sure would twist and tickle your taste buds with an interesting blend of flavors. Stuffed with Danish feta, cherry tomatoes & basil pesto, not to forget, zaatar, grilled capsicum & fried eggplant. Highly recommended if you decide to go green!!
The Mezeths Platter – A variety of mezeths, 12 to be precise, served with homemade bread, flavored butter & dips..
Chef’s Aubergine – A signature of the chef, like the name suggests. This creative dish is made by first whole baking the aubergine with olive oil & garlic, then topped with Danish feta cheese, tomato salsa & tahini dressing.
The Mini beef burgers – Talk about spoiled for choice!! Not 1, not 2, but 3 mini burgers, accompanied with pesto mayo, chilli mayo & aioli, served with Israeli salad and fries. D-licious!!
Belgian Waffles- with various choice of icecreams and fresh fruits, irresistible
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