Cantare, Saligao

Besides the cuisine what I most love about ‘Cantare’ is the feeling of relaxing in the beautiful Saligao village surrounded by beautiful Portuguese style house overlooking the lush green paddy fields. Located on a parallel road to the CHOWGM road,Cantare serves awesome Thai, Continental, Goan cuisine and also has a section dedicated to vegetarians. Their evenings are buzzing with live music, cocktails and people.. one is sure to find a familiar face at this local bistro.


Sugarcane surprise - A cocktail, that should represent our Indian sub continent. Freshly squeezed sugarcane juice, shaken with light rum & dark rum, rounded together with a dash of lime juice. 

Mint & lemon Margarita - A frozen minty margarita, perfect for the wether this time of the year in Goa.. Mint blended with a base of vodka, with a dash of cointhru & tequila.



Somtam - The famous of them all, a spicy, citrus, raw papaya salad, tossed with birds eye chilis, long beans & carrots, topped with a squeeze of lime & dusted with crushed roasted peanuts..


Prawn Phad Thai - The classic Thai flat noodles, stir fried with dried shrimp, egg, bean sprouts & roasted peanuts, served either in a veg, chicken or prawn option. 


Walnut & feta salad - A walk on the healthier side of town.. A well balanced salad tossed together with peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, ice berg lettuce, finished with cubes of feta, walnuts and a light vinaigrette dressing.


Calamari in Goan masala - Traditional Goan style flash cooked calamari, tossed in our very own local reachado masala, best served with a squeeze of lime. Let me remind you, this is a local favorite, so please don't expect it to be very light on chilli!! 


Spicy beef nachos - From the world cuisine selection, corn nachos, topped with slow cooked ground beef, tomato salsa made with chopped peppers & olives, with a generous load of cheese & a blob of sour cream.


Thod mun pla - The Thai styled version of fish cakes, made with chilli, coriander & spring onions, served with a sweet but spicy dipping sauce.


Potato Chops - Home-made potato chops, a staple to every Goan household. Made from mashed potatoes, & stuffed with an awesomely delicious stuffing made from ground beef, onions & aromatic spices, before being coated in semolina & finally getting pan fried. Yup they actually taste best with ketchup & fries!!


Sorpotel - One of the few signature delicacies to actually represent our little state of Goa on an international platform. The spicy pork sorpotel, that has been slow cooked for hours over wood fire, in a spicy but aromatic blend of spices, with a sprinkle of palm vinegar best served with Goan sannas, but goes as well with locally baked poi. Its to die for..


Pour pieye - Crisp Thai spring rolls, rolled with a stuffing made of purple cabbage, carrots & glass noodles, served with a sweet chilli sauce with crushed peanuts. Drool!!


Banana leaf kingfish - A thick & juicy slice of kingfish, marinated & wrapped in banana leaf, cooked to perfection.. Served with a side of fries, salad & lemon.. Love the flavor of the curry leaf.. Just brings the whole dish together.


Pork chops - As the name would say on the menu, Simply scrumtious.. Rustic pork chopc, simply marinated with salt, pepper & garlic, grilled to perfection & served with a side of baked potato & grilled veggies.. Simple, & to the point!!

Pad kra pao - Or simply Thai basil mince stir fried with fish sauce, chilis & long beans, served with steamed rice.. One of my all time favorites here at Cantare!!

Pla thod - Catch of the day.. Thai styled fried fish, marinated in local Thai spices & fried crisp. Wow.. Simply wow.. 


Malaysian fried rice - Man.. I can eat this as it is... All day!! So basically made like a regular prawn fried rice, with a blast of shrimp!! With the secret ingredient that has been flown in all the way from Malaysia, the famous shrimp paste. Sea food lovers.. You will surely want more!! 

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