Cherry Tomato, Margao

The latest entry to the city of Margao, and strictly by public demand, ladies & gents, Cherry Tomato!! Artist & owner Macustoy has a new canvas to paint on.. We took this initiative to go check it out ourselves. Not only do they have a wide variety of shakes & mocktails, but they also have a well stocked bar now!! & hands down the best burger joint in Margao. So if you haven’t been there yet, check out some of the ‘do not miss’ signatures, we have featured!!

Island Caiparinha - A tropical explosion made with sugarcane liquor, brown sugar, lime orange juice & a dash of peach, topped with ice.

Roasted pineapple & red chilly slush - Yup you read right. Who would have ever thought of mixing the two?? A khatta meeta styled cooler made with pineapple, chilli & mint, blended with a lot of ice!!

Double chocolate caramel - A perfect blend of caramel & chocolate, this shake is off the hook. Topped with a sprig of mint & a scoop of ice cream.. Wow..

Spanish sangria Rosso - A fruity red wine based cocktail, made with macerated fruits & spices.. Awesomeness in a glass..

Snitzel N mash - A snitzel made of breaded chicken, fried & placed on a cheesy potato mash & chicken Bolognaise sauce..

Bangkok style chicken satay - A fiery one night in Bangkok style chicken satay, from the heart of Bangkok. Grilled to perfection, on a stick & served with a tossed salad & fries.

Atom Bomb - The hottest burger in town!! And when I say hot, I mean chilly hot, well its still jaw dropping. A crispy chicken burger tossed in salsa inferno, with shrimp & bacon chilli garlic, with a side of jalapeños & fries.

Mighty Joe - A grilled burger patty topped with cheese, bacon burger veggies & fries. Absolutely to the point.

Mushroom veggie burger - For everyone going green..  A veg patty topped with sautéed chilli mushrooms & cheese, with jalapeños & fries.. Drool..

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