Chill Maard, Calangute

The modern conceptualized restaurant put together with no formality, what so ever. Wether you want to dine in front of the tele slouched on a couch, to sitting upright at a dining table, or even as you lay besides the pool, yup.. Its all allowed at Chill maard. Located in Calangute, above Baskin Robins, serving mouth watering North Indian food.

Ginger cooler - A cool cooler with a zing to it. Chopped ginger & cucumber, served with a squeeze of lime & topped with sprite.

Strawberry surprise - Strawberry infused mocktail, shaken with ice, redbull & a dash of tobasco.

Chaamp Tazdar - Tender, succulent & juicy mutton chops, marinated in traditional Indian spices like  star anise & black cardamom, skewered on iron skewers & cooked in a tandoor.

Bhatti Murgh - Juicy chicken legs, marinated in a mix made from pomegranate seeds & cooked in a tandoor with a side of mint chutney.

Ajwain seasoned Prawns - Roasted aromatic caraway seeds, ground to a course powder & mixed with traditional tandoor spices, served with a choice of coriander & mint,roasted tomato & yogurt chutneys. 

Dahi Kebab - Yes, a kebab made from dahi. Hung curd, mixed with cream & milk, dusted with flour & fried with a green cardamom twist. Innovative & full of flavor. 

Paneer papad roll - Talk about something innovative.. A stuffing made of cottage cheese, rolled in a papad & then fried. Served with a yogurt dip.

Dal Makhni - A delicacy patented to north India. Slow cooked black lentil stew, finished with cream & a dollop of butter.

Rogan josh - The traditional Kashmiri mutton curry, full of flavours. Slow cooked with tomatoes & mutton chunks.

Assorted indian Bread basket - A wide selection to choose from. Here we have covered the signatures to the restaurant. From an ulta tawa parantha, garlic naan, mirchi parantha & mirchi roti.

Ulta Tawa Paratha: Soft flaky pan baked paratha made with flour, ghee and saffron on an upside down pan.

Chicken Dum Biryani - The authentic Indian biryani if you ask me. Slow cooked chicken in an aromatic gravy, 

Gulab Jamun - My favorite Indian desert of all time, the Gulab jamun. Basically a fried nugget, dunked into chachni or sugar syrup, & served warm.

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