Eden, Candolim

Eden, has moved opposite club SinQ at Candolim in a beautiful setting adorned with trees and nature, befitting its name. Well known for their Tandoori dishes, Goan cuisine, their highlight is however the German cuisine. This restaurant has something for everyone with that bit of extra mile that Rumana, the owner would go to offer her customers a satisfactory meal. Eden being awarded one of the Top 50 restaurants of Goa 2016-17, one can avail the privileges of The Goan Foodie Privilege card here.

Ginger ale with white rum - Alas.. A cooler to beat this summer heat.. Home-made ginger ale topped with mint & ice, infused with a dash of ground cinnamon & finished with white rum.

Coffee Soda ice-cream - A creative add on to a soda pop. Assembled together with a shot of coffee, topped with club soda and dusted with a secret spice mix.

Bohri Cutlet - The classic cutlet that is a signature to every Bohri Muslim house hold. The cutlet made from boneless chicken, marinated with aromatic herbs like celery, parsley & spring onions, blended together before being dusted with bread crumbs & dunked into egg.

PDMF - Pork Dry Masala Fry.. Who would have thought. Sliced roast pork, marinated in classic Goan spices cooked in a pan.

Gulab jamun ki sabji - A dish knocked out of the ball park. A gulab jamun, tossed in an aromatic gravy made from onions, chilis & ginger garlic, with a squeeze of yoghurt & a spoon of cashew paste. Served with a Laccha roti.

Roast Beef - From Chef Roshan's section.. The rustic German roast beef, slow cooked for hours, served with potatoes, herb beans & brown sauce. If you had a German Grand father.. That's what he would make!!

Kohl roulade - Cooked cabbage leaves rolled with a core of minced beef, served with boiled potatoes & a rustic cabbage sauce.

Kheema Khichdi - Heard of the dal khichdi?? Well this is the non vegetarian option. Aromatic basmati rice, layered with mutton mince, cooked with spices, topped with golden fried onions & coriander, served with tomato basil soup that also doubles up as a gravy.

Caary Chawal - Pronounced as 'Kari' chawal, another traditional to Bhori cuisine. Mutton cubes, slow cooked with sliced onions & ground spices, tempered with curry leaves & finished with coconut milk & cashew & peanut paste, served with a super aromatic rice.

Pizzaish - As comforting as can be. Home-made pizza sauce topped over toasted bread, & dressed with processed cheese & capsicum brunoise.

Apple in night dress - Stewed apple, with a core of strawberry jam, topped with custard & dusted with cinnamon.
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