Fame, Planet Hollywood, Utorda

Bringing all the the glitz and glamour through their ambiance, service and food, ‘Fame’ restaurant of Planet Hollywood is aptly named and has been graced by the glitterati of the country. Veteran Chef, Sundar Rajan of the ‘first executive Chef of the Oberoi group’ fame has certainly once again made a mark in the Goan hospitality industry with his outstanding culinary skills. I was bowled over by the Japanese & European cuisine, from delicate sashimi to Italian fresh flavors & even classic French dishes. Don’t miss the live Sushi bar and refreshing cocktails.

Ginger & Lavender Mojito - Talk about taking the mojito to the next level!! This one has actually been blown out of the ball park. Infused with fresh ginger & lavender syrup, & topped with ice.

Sweet chilli margarita - A frozen stunner. Stiff margarita, married with a sweet chilli sauce.

Salmon Sashimi - As raw as can be. Fresh Scottish salmon, sliced & served on a bed of wakame sea weed, pickled ginger & wasabi.

Scallop nigiri - Fresh Japanese scallop, sliced & placed over a nigiri ball of rice.. Its to die for.

Combination roll - One of the chefs creations. Salmon wrapped with nori & rolled with sticky rice, topped with spicy tuna & wakame sea weed.

Melon & rocket salad -  Super cool & fresh with a hint of depth. Diced watermelon, & cantaloupe melon, artistically plated with feta cheese & leaves of rocket lettuce, on a bed of balsamic dressing & dusted with sesame seeds. 

Chefs signature crab cakes - Classic crab cakes created by the chef himself, topped with a blob of tabasco mayonnaise, & served with a rocket lettuce salad & a crisp noodle nest.

Puree of butternut pumpkin - Classic to the core. A creamy potage styled soup, made from butternut pumpkin, slow cooked & served with melon seeds, with a hint of black pepper, mascarpone cream, chives & thyme oil.

Sundried tomato  &  mascarpone risotto - Let me warn you.. This dish is as Italian as it can get, cooked perfectly al dante, with subtle flavors from the tomato, & creaminess from the mascarpone, topped with a fresh salad, parmesan cheese & parsley, finally finished with a few pine nuts.

Spaghetti Carbonara - My personal favourite. Spaghetti, tossed in a creamy sauce made from bacon, eggs & cream, with a generous doze of parmesan.

Pan Seared market fish - Perfectly grilled fillet of fish, on a bed of wilted greens, poached tomatoes &'shellfish cream. Excellent!!

Summer berry pudding - A mix of berries, from raspberries, red currents, blueberries & blackberries, topped with mascarpone cheese.

Braised Lamb shank - Absolutely devine. Slow braised Lamb shank, cooked to perfection. Served with a side of turned carrots, shallots & mashed potato.

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