Golden Net, Keys Ronils resort

Ronil’s was started way back on 5th December 1987. Back in the day, they were one of the few hotels in Goa. Over the years, while a lot around the resort has transformed, the Golden Net restaurant at the hotel has remained pretty much the same; serving authentic Goan specialities. Taken over by the ‘Key’s’ group, The Golden Net still serves a wide variety of authentic Goan dishes with recipes dating over 20 years ago, surely got me nostalgic!!

Cool as cucumber – The name says it all, A cool cocktail to beat the heat. Made with crushed cucumber, ice, vodka & lemon juice, with a dash of blue coracon.
Red Jewel – Talk about a royal mocktail to sip on while in the pool. Raspberry syrup topped with ice & sprite.

Chicken Cafrael – Authentic Goan chicken cafrael brought in by the Portuguese to Goa. A flavourful roast chicken marinated with herbs & spices, slow cooked in its own juices, with a side of veggies.
Rawa fried King fish – If you ask me to recommend one dish, one should not miss while in Goa, this would be it. Fillets of king fish, marinated in a spicy marinade, coated with semolina and fried.
Fish curry & rice – The traditional staple of Goa. Fish curry & rice (FCR). Fish fillets poached in a coconut gravy with spices. Paired best with steamed rice. Note: Take a nap after eating this to experience the true Goan feeling.
Prawn peri peri – Fresh white prawns slow cooked in a peri peri masala made from Kashmiri chillies, spices & a generous doze of Goan palm vinegar.

Crab Xac xac – Also known as crab ‘sukhem’ crab xac xac is a moderately dry dish. Made from a masala of roasted coconut & spices, finished off with a handful of chopped of coriander.

Stuffed crab – For those of you, who don’t like to dig in fingers first, into crabs, this, is for you. Crab meat, de-shelled & cooked in an array of spices, topped with cheese & gratinated.
Butter chicken with garlic naan – When it comes to north Indian cuisine, who doesn’t know Butter chicken & naan.  It’s the perfect match, made in heaven.. Boneless chicken pieces, cooked in a rich tomato & nut gravy, served with garlic naan.
Bebinca with ice-cream – Officially the king of Goan sweets. Bebinca, basically a tower of layered pancakes, cut to form layers, served with vanilla ice-cream & yes it is home made.
Chocolate Brownie with ice-cream – Homemade chocolate brownie, served with ice-cream & chocolate sauce.
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