Grelha Restobar

Grelha meaning ‘grill’ in Portuguese is located right next to the Inox multiplex building in the commercial hub of Margao. This restaurant sure did impress me with their large open kitchen with Chefs dishing out Grills, Mexican and Italian cuisine. Although the restaurant is just 3 months old, they have managed to gain quite a following for the food, hygienic warm ambience which is quite evident being owned by 3 women entrepreneurs. Do check this restaurant while catching a movie.

Tomato Basil Soup – Smooth velvety double passed tomato soup, slow cooked for hours from with the freshest & ripest tomatoes, to get an intense flavor, finished with a hint of Basil & fresh pepper, garnished with a tower of olives & parmesan cheese.

Mango mousse – Fluffy & light mango mousse, that has been whisked well to incorporate as much as air as possible, & finished with a spoon of mango pulp.

Fattoush salad – A popular Middle Eastern salad, made from garden fresh veggies. Assembled together with broken lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olives & peppers, with a drizzle of lemon garlic dressing & garnished with broken home-made flat bread.

Fish fish – Catch of the day right out the Arabian Sea. Marinated & grilled pomfret, topped with garlic & lemon butter, served on a bed of grilled veggies & salad.

Veg lasagna – The multi-layered Italian baked pasta, layered with grilled veggies, tomato sauce & cheese, topped with parmesan cheese & gratinated.

Steak Kebabs – On the lines of a Latino Rumba, a juicy cut of tenderloin, chopped into cubes & skewered with peppers & onions, marinated, grilled & topped with Chimichurri sauce!!

Veg & cheese Quesadillas – elegantly plating for the famous Mexican street special. A soft shell tortilla loaded with cheese & veggies, rolled together & served with guacamole, salsa & sour cream.

Cheesey Mushrooms – Large white button mushrooms caps, stuffed with a compound cheese with hers & chilli, battered & fried crisp. Served with a chimichurri & mayo dip.

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