Hog Worth, Miramar

A new family joint, in the friendly neighborhood of La Campala colony of Miramar, truly lives up to its name serving traditional Goan Portuguese delicacies and desserts difficult to find outside of traditional households of Goa. They do serve Indian tandoori and grills in the evenings in their outdoor sit out where one can relax and enjoy drinks from the well stocked bar.


Chicken Lollipop - The Goan favorite, everyone loves. A chicken wing, curled to one end, marinated & dunked into a batter before being deep fried, served piping hot & with a touch of their own, topped with a delectable schezwan sauce.


Tongue Roast - Slow roasted ox tongue, scented with aromatic spices, served with pan tossed veggies.


Chicken Cafreal - The classic roast chicken Cafreal, pan cooked  with a marinade made from coriander, mint & green chillis, served with a side of fries. 

Catch of the day - Today we had chonak, also known as baramandi, pan seared with homemade reachado masala & served with Goan salad. Do ask the server as the fish of the day changes everyday!!


Veg Caldhino - A rustic Goan Portuguese vegetable stew, made with an assortment of garden fresh vegetables cooked in a coconut milk broth & tempered with turmeric & coriander powder.


Pork Solantulem - Another rustic old bad boy of Goan delicacies is this dish. Slow cooked pork shoulder, with kashmiri chilis, turmeric &'onions, with a special souring agent, kokum.


Beef Roulado - An amazing beef roll, made with fillets of beef, stuffed with local Goan choriso, rolled & marinated grilled to perfection. Served with tossed veggies.


Serradura – One of the best saw dust pudding, a traditional Goan Portuguese desert I have tasted in Goa, made from condensed milk & cream, topped with powdered biscuits,and as the owner would say the secret ingredient is 'love'. It’s to die for!

Bolo sans rival - ' cake with no rival', is what the name translates to. A Portuguese flourless cake traditionally only made for weddings and is purely made of cashew nuts!! I could not resist taking away several portions as I don’t have to wait for the wedding season anymore


Von - Another traditional desert you should not miss.. Von, made from local Goan rice ground & cooked with palm jaggery, coconut & split chickpea dal.


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