Horizon Grill

7 years and counting, says Karlton, owner and chef of Horizon Grill, who is always driven by food. Best known for his beef steaks & beef Wellington.
After getting numerous recommendations from our followers, we decided we must have a go at what they have to offer.
Located on one of the busiest streets of Goa (Candolim), Horizon grill manages to cater to a range of clientele. Right from us Goans to Mumbaikars and even Russians!!
And yes, in case you need that sea food over dose, they do it to perfection on the BBQ…

Horizon Grill's Garlic and cheese stuffed mushrooms - Batter fried mushrooms, stuffed with a moist and smooth core of garlic and cheese. A must try for the Veggies!!

Chicken Liver & Brandy pâté - A smooth blend of chicken liver, garlic, onions and brandy, served with toast and a house salad. Something so delicate, you dont have to even chew!

The Chef's special Beef Roll - Now this was classic. Seasoned beef fillets, rolled with ham and cheese in the center & grilled to perfection. A definite recommend from our side!

Veg. Hakka Noodles - Something you may not expect at a Grill restaurant, but they have it too!! Surprisingly really tasty, we thought it was the best we ever tasted.

Chicken steak onion pie - Freshly baked, thats for sure comes this piping hot pie. With a smooth moist stuffing of chicken, onions and mushrooms, combined in a bechamel sauce & served with potato mash.

Fillet Steak - This is what it all comes down to. One of the largest steaks we have come across yet, in Goa. Cooked to your preference, this juicy piece of BBQ'd meat says it all. Served with a herb butter, veggies and fries.

The Beef Wellington - Beef fillet, cooked with duxelles and a crêpe, wrapped in a puff pastry and baked. Served with green beans & a port wine sauce.
Now this dish needs the utter most respect, as not many, can dish it out flawlessly. With only some of the greatest chefs in the world managing to serve it because of its difficulty level of preparation.

Chocolate Brownee with ice cream - Warm chocolate brownee served with ice-cream and chocolate sauce

Caramel ciustard - Smooth caramel custard, with a mellow caramel sauce.

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