Ignia, Verna

Located, just besides the Udear fresh water springs of Verna, is Ignia, the all new BBQ & grill restaurant of south Goa. It’s the only stand alone restaurant to have an open BBQ at every table. South Goan meat lovers are in for a treat. One is surely spoiled for choice with refreshing cocktails and great food at this charming restaurant with tasteful interiors and gardens where you can actually hear the chirping birds of the forest.

Twisted Mai Tai - Shaken over ice, orange & pineapple juice, infused with the bar tenders blend of 3 different rums, bitters & almond syrup served in a tikki glass with a dehydrated slice of star anise infused slice of orange. 

Breakfast Martini - Earl grey infused gin, rounded up with a dash of lime juice, sugar & peach schnapps garnished with Earl grey air.

Tuscan Style Pan-Seared Beef - Inspiration from Tuscany, beef cubes, marinated in a mix of Rosemary & garlic, finished off on the grill right before you.

Sirloin Steak - Juicy cut of beef, marinated with pepper, garlic & cayenne pepper powder, grilled to your preference before being stacked over a creamy smooth potato mash & smothered with a pepper sauce.

Prawn green curry - A creamy blast of flavor, made from thai basil,lemon grass & galangal, with slow poached prawns, served with steamed rice.

Mushroom Cappuccino - A creamy, rich soup, made from a base of flavor intense porcini mushrooms, topped with a mushroom foam.

Malaysian vegetable curry - As the name says, Malay inspired mix vegetable gravy, made with Asian vegetables tossed in a coconut milk gravy & a hint of basil.

1986 - Named after the famous absolute pepper vodka, this show stopper has emerged as one of the most popular cocktails of the restaurant. Made from absolute pepper vodka, with stevia syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice & sliced jalapeños served on the rocks with a salted rim.

Tickler - A classy semi frozen mocktail blended together with fresh plum, apple juice, peach & Granadine. Served in a margarita glass.

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