Kingstork, Calangute

If you were around in Calangute, back in 1972, You would definitely know or have herd of Kingstork. Located formally where the reception of the tourist hostel is located today. They shifted to their new property in 1997. Today Kingstork is run by Son Stanley Ferrao and his wife Ruena. With a small cozy hotel of 18 rooms, and a garden restaurant with an array of mouth watering contemporary style dishes and refreshing cocktails.

G-string - Peach Vodka, pineapple juice & sprite

Behind the panties - Hahaha.. something totally what not to expect.. A fresh watermelon cocktail, with triple sec, mint and lime juice.

Rusty Chocolate - A super fiery desert cocktail, made from vodka, baileys and hazelnut chocolate.

Tequila Ozone & Flaming Ferrari - A few shots to get you going.

Aloo Paratha – Parathas stuffed with a super interesting mix, of potatoes and spices, served with fresh yogurt and pickle

Pancakes with banana & honey – The lightest pancakes ever, topped with banana slices and nutella. A perfect way to start the day

Chicken nuggets – Home made, bite size chicken pieces, breaded and served with aioli

Vegetable cheesy nuggets - Diced steamed vegetables, stirred into a stiff mornay sauce, shaped in the form of nuggets, breaded and fried

Club sandwich – The one classic that goes best served out doors by the pool. Stuffed with ham, cheese, grilled chicken, lettuce & a fried egg.

Crab spring rolls – Spring rolls, stuffed with Crab, shredded vegetables, sautéed in soya, rolled up in a crêpe and fried.

Tuna salad – For a healthier approach, one can always think of this salad. Made with canned tuna, red onions, green beans, olives and potatoes, finally drizzled with a French vinaigrette

Stuffed beef rolls – Now it gets interesting!! Beef fillets, stuffed with ham and cheese, served with a house salad. Definitely a must try for all you meat

Beef stroganoff – Another highly recommend from the Goan Foodie. Julienne of beef, cooked in a sour cream sauce, with bell peppers and mushrooms, served with rice

Eggplant Parmigiana - Grilled slices of eggplant and zucchini, baked with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, served with garlic bread. A highly recommend for the veggies!

Butter Garlic Tiger Prawns

Mushroom steak – Generally a beef steak would weigh around 200 to 220 grams. But hell not this one!! Introducing the biggest steak served in Goa at 300grams!! (As far as I have seen) This fillet of beef was simply divine. Served with a mushroom sauce, house salad and mash potato

Mango Honey crepe – WOW..That’s all I can say.. Just wow.. A crepe stuffed with fresh ‘Alphonso mango slices’ and topped with honey

Chocolate brownie – A mellow, warm walnut chocolate brownie, with chocolate sauce and ice-cream

Hawaiian Ice tea - Cooler made with blue curacao, peach vodka, lime juice & sprite

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