Magic Italy, Palolem

Officially the first, authentic Italian restaurant to open in Goa, Magic Italy is now celebrating the 17thyear with the onset of this tourist season. Serving classic Italian delicacies, comfort food for me, home style and just like mamas cooking, (well if my mama was from Italy) made with love and passion.

Pizza Vegetable - The top seller of the restaurant from the wood fire clay oven!! Made with their secret Italian recipe, man you have to eat it to believe it. Topped with, their homemade signature tomato sauce, eggplant, seasonal vegetables & cheese.

Pizza ham & mushroom - One of my all time favourite, well that is because i love pork so much. A pizza topped with tomato & cheese, with mushrooms & Italian crudo. Mamma mia!!

The Mix Magic Italy - Ok, so you are spoilt for choice when you are hear. There is so much you must have. Well that is the reason the combination was created!! Half a portion of beef lasagna with half a portion of spinach & cheese ravioli, made with butter & sage..  Please note. The pastas & pizzas are all home made, hence its all the more amazing !!

Tiramisu - For sure this dessert needs no introduction. But I would like to announce, this is The Best Tiramisu in Goa. Period.  After tasting more that 30 others, by far, this is the best. Made from specially imported mascarpone cheese, dark chocolate & topped with cacao powder specially imported, all the way from Italy. 

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