Mustard, the popular condiment inspires both Bengali & French cuisine. And now we have a restaurant named Mustard, doing classical Bengali & French dishes!! Located in the beautiful boutique ‘Freedom Tree’, bang on the Chogum road the restaurant operates for lunch & dinner and has totally separate kitchens for each of the cuisine. Talk about taking quality to the next level!!

Tentul Jober Sherbet – keeping in mind the hot & humid climate, the Tentul Jober Sherbet would be an ideal cooler for Goa’s tropical heat. Made from tamarind & mint, with a dash of heat added in from the green chillis.
Gholer Sherbet – A light yoghurt drink with a dash of lime & roasted cumin. One would easily confuse this for a savoury chhas.

Lebur Sherbet – The Bengali version of a nimbu pani or fresh lime water, made with a dash of rock salt.

Cocktail Luchi with Alu-Dum – Luchi, traditional Bengali fried bread, like a ‘puri’, stuffed with an Alu-Dum or smoked baby potato, served with a mustard sauce.

Smoked Fish – As the name says, Fish fillet, marinated & smoked in a mustard base marinade.

Smoked Fish – As the name says, Fish fillet, marinated & smoked in a mustard base marinade.

Chicken Scaloppini – Thin slices of chicken, marinated in Dijon mustard, pan fried with long strips of zucchini with sprinkles of pesto & mustard.

BBQ on fritters – Grilled prawns marinated in rosemary & thyme, served on a sweet corn pancake, served with a hot, sweet & sour pineapple sauce & grilled piece of pineapple.

Kosha mangsho – One of the best known Bengali meat curries & the star of any Bengali festive spread. Kosha mangsho, or slow cooked mutton curry in an array of spices, served with a lentil dal, tomato chutney & puris.

Rui Maacher Shorshe Jhaal – All my memories, from the time I was in Calcutta, boiled down to this one particular dish. The famous fresh water fish ‘Rohu’ cooked in light fragrant spices & mustard oil, served with a side of dal, tomato chutney & saag.

Baked Aubergines – Eggplant roundels, marinated with basil mustard dressing, topped with tomato concasse & feta crumble.

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