Chef of the month of October 2015, Chef Nicole Illa, gives us a tour of her new Shop, located just below the ever so popular restaurant Route 66 in Panjim. One can find Cakes & bakes, decadent delicacies from all over the world created by German Chef, Nicole. Luckily we are privileged to experience such authentic & exclusive food, right here in Goa. “Get ready for Christmas” she says, it’s gonna be delicious.
Past 7:00 pm in the evening, avail a 30% discount on all pastries!!

The original 'Black Forest' - If a Goan makes the best Goan fish curry, like wise, a German makes the best Black Forest cake. Simple as that. Here Chef Nicole uses the original Kirschwasser liquor which is basically a cherry brandy and is the main ingredient to this cake with the sponge, chocolate & fresh cream. You have to try it to know what an original Black Forest tastes like.


New York Cheese cake - Another signature by Chef Nicole. The New York cheese cake,  made with home made cream cheese.


Cup Cakes - Signature cup cakes by Chef Nicole. And there are a few delicious ones to chose from every Friday.

Dobos Torte - thin layers of sponge with light butter cream & chocolate glaze. A specialty all the way from Hungary.

Sacher Torte - This one is a classic all the way from Austria. Made with chocolate sponge & glazed with Apricot jam & chocolate glaze.

Zuger Kirsch Tarte -  Another delicacy one could not compete with. Sandwiched between two maraignes is a layer of sponge, soaked in kirsch which is the German cherry brandy. Not to forget the butter cream & roasted almond flakes.

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