On the Go

On my way back from Morjim beach, I stopped by at ‘On the Go’ and quite literally raided this cafe. Put together by Peruvian owner Marco with his wife Mona who is a pastry chef, their sandwiches are wholesome and the desserts are superbly delicious. Their neat packaging makes perfect takeaways when you are on the go. Don’t miss the cold coffee, I can’t get enough of it.

Chocolate truffle mousse – A sinful treat to all chocolate lovers. A creamy smooth chocolate truffle with pieces of chopped brownie

Peruvian Torta Helada – An elegantly layered Peruvian dessert, assembled with Jelly at the bottom, custard, cream, pieces of pineapple and chopped pistachio

Peruvian Rice pudding – The rich & delicious Peruvian brown rice pudding made from local ground brown rice & milk

Chocolate peanut butter – One of Mona’s signatures I must say. A moist Chocolate cake that’s absolutely to die for which has been layered with peanut butter and cream

Banoffee pie – The famous banoffee pie. What a combo. Made with bananas that have been lightly poached in milk caramel and cookies with an aromatic hint of coffee

Very berry cheese cake – For all you cheese cake fans, if you haven’t tried this beauty, you have no idea what you are missing. A delicious cheese cake with a mix of berries

Passion fruit Chia pudding – A dessert pulled together with the most subtle flavours of chia seeds and passion fruit, turned into a pudding with a dash of pineapple. Yes it is healthy too..

Buttifaara - A wholesome brown bread sandwich made with the juiciest home-made Peruvian style roast ham

Beef slaw – Between the slices of wholesome brown bread sandwich lies deliciously cooked beef and an awesome slaw made with purple cabbage & a hint of wasabi

Peruvian Aroz vegetarian – A healthy hearty Peruvian rice meal bowl tossed with aromatic herbs like coriander and mint & fried with nuts

Tuna Nikkie – Talk about a ‘Tuna to Go’ a filling of tuna with fresh chopped crisp veggies, mixed together with mayo & a squeeze of lime, stuffed between slices of brown bread
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