Palms n Sands, Candolim

One of Candloim’s first beach shacks, that helped Goa get on the tourist map. Started way back in ’89, Palms n Sands is in their 26th year of business and a favorite among tourists over the years for fresh sea food and North Indian cuisine.

laze around for hours with a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea & if you feel like taking a dip in the sea the water’s just a few steps away!!

Strawberry Daiquiri - coanthru, white rum, fresh strawberries & dash of strawberry crush & lime juice
Blue Lagoon - Tropical favorite I guess. Gin, Blue coracon, lime & Sprite.

Stuffed Crabs - Being in Goa, the sea food has to be at its best. QFresh rock crabs, shelled & cooked in a goan aromatic masala, crumbed & gratinated with some cheese. 
Angara Kebab - Cooked in the traditional Indian tandoori, the angara kebab is made of  chicken tenders, marinated over night in a cashew nut marinade, & cooked to perfection. Served with a kuchumber salad & super mint chutney. 
Murgh Mussalam - A classic Indian dish, fit for the royals of Lucknow. Tandoor roasted chicken, tossed in a rich onion & tomato gravy,topped with grated cheese & cream.
Murgh Peshawari Tawa - All the way from Peshawar, chicken chunks, cooked in a creamy gravy, with bell peppers. Goes best with Roti or naan. 
Paneer Pasanda  with Naan - Cottage cheese slices, sandwiched with grated cheese & potato, grilled u served with a tomato gravy, best accompanied with the famous flatbread, 'naan'.
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