Panino, The Little Goan Bistro, Majorda

The true charm of Goa lies beyond the touristic beaches, in the laid back villages surrounded by paddy fields, coconut plantations, Goan sun and long lazy lunches. I stumbled upon a restaurant offering just that in the heart of Majorda called Panino serving Goan to North Indian,  Chinese & Grills.

Stuffed Prawns - Large fresh white prawns, marinated & stuffed with garlic & cheese, dunked into a batter & fried golden.  The dish definitely stands out because of the freshness of the prawns.

Sausage spring roll - A new one for me. Goan choris or sausages, stuffed into a Chinese spring roll, fried & served with schezwan sauce. Interesting flavours..

Breaded Coined Prawns - A signature of the restaurant. Prawn mix, topped onto a slice of bread, dusted in semolina & fried.

Stuffed Calamari - A definite must try, for all you sea food lovers. Baby squids stuffed with a prawn stuffing & flash cooked in our traditional Goan reachado masala.

Veg. Crispy -  An array of vegetables, from cauliflower to beans, potatoes to peppers, dunked in a batter, fried crisp & tossed with the chefs signature sauce. 

Stuffed Mushrooms - Goan choris stuffing, stuffed into fresh button mushroom caps, breaded & fried. 

Goan beef steak - Of the numerous steaks on the menu, I decided to go with the Goan. A juicy piece of fillet, grilled to your choice, topped with a mix of traditional Goan sauces, served with a side of boiled veggies & fries.

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