Piccola Roma, Calangute

Our favourite Italian Pizzeria have opened a second branch in Calangute in the courtyard of Literati book store. I was charmed by the old trees, sun and shade and the fact that one can spend all day feasting on authentic Italian pizzas, pastas, coffee and my favourite Tiramisu in whole of north Goa. The best part  though, is the delivery service. Also awarded top one of the 50 restaurants in Goa 2016-17, one can use The Goan Foodie Privilege card here to avail discounts.

Viva la Carne - This pizza could be every meat lovers last wish!! Another classic Italian pizza topped with mozzarella cheese & a variety of meats like prosciuto, speck, salami Milano & salami Napoli.
Pizza Quatro Stagione - This classic pizza was created to depict the four seasons of the year with four diverse ingredients representing each season of the year. Olives, mushrooms, artichokes & Italian ham, topped with mozzarella.. Yum

Tortellini alla bolognese - Homemade stuffed pasta rings called tortellini, stuffed with a meat stuffing, cooked & tossed with a meaty bolognese sauce & finished with parmesan cheese.


Gnocchi di ricotta al pesto - Homemade pasta dumplings called gnocchi, made from flour & potatoes with fresh ricotta cheese tossed in pesto sauce. Man its to die for..


Cannelloni - hand rolled sheet of homemade pasta, stuffed with spinach , mushrooms & ricotta, topped with a gorgonzola sauce & baked in the wood fire oven. Its to die for..


Fettucine Mari e Monti - Ribbon shaped flat pasta, tossed with a sea food salsa made with calamari, clams & prawns with a tomato base, finished with porcini mushrooms topped with chopped parsley. 


Insalata Indian - Garden fresh leafy salad, topped with cubes of pineapple, slices of tomatoes & cashew nuts, dressed with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar.


Breakfast menu - The all new launch of the breakfast menu at Piccola Roma. Serving breakfast till noon, with some great coffee to go along. Today we had a nutella pancake, a bowl of fruits & a freshly brewed coffee.


Tiramisu - Layers of savoiardo biscuits topped with coffee liqueur & a dash of rum, finished with fresh & creamy mascarpone cheese. Just a tip.. Get this as fast as you can.. It normally runs out!!

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