Pink Chilli, Arpora

Bang opposite the Saturday night market at Arpora, Pinky Chilli is very conspicuous for its Desi cool artsy vibe. Run by an Indo Brit couple, Pink Chilli has certainly made a mark with their delicious cuisine, conceptual cocktails and comfort food. Their flamboyant pink décor with a cool little shop selling artistic merchandise is another reason to not miss this restaurant.

Mango Mojito - Fresh for the season, local mangoes blended & mixed with white rum, mint, lime & sugar, topped with club soda. 

Tambde Rosa - Made from kokum juice & a dash of lime, a signature to the cazulo fenni brand, the name truly says, Goa.

Tamarind Margarita - With tamarind being a cooling ingredient for summer, this mix could be your favorite for the season!! Tequila based, with tamarind juice, orange juice & a dash of lime.
Karela Fries - Crisp fried bitter gourd, tossed in light spiced masala.. Served with a sweet chilli sauce.

Fish Fries - wow.. My all time favourite!! Crispy veleho, cooked to perfection!! Drool..

Crunchy Garlic Prawns - Panko fried garlic prawns, with a hint of garlic, served with aioli.

Coastal prawn curry - A creamy coconut milk curry, tempered with mustard & curry leaves, with poached prawns. Its to die for. Served with a side of steamed rice.
Duncan's Double Kheema Pav - created for the famous Duncan, our very own tattoo artist. You got to try it to believe it. Best part, theres a fried egg in there too..
Aloo tikki chaat - The classic aloo tikki, or potato patty, topped with yoghurt, mint & Tamarind chutney, with sev. An excellent tea time snack.
Mutton Liver fry - Drool.. Well, if you love liver like me. Diced cubes of goat liver, tossed in an array of spices. Yumm.

 Chicken Thali - An 11 dish thali, with the works.. Also available in fis and veg..

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