Roma Italian

The best Italian restaurant in & around Ashwem was started by Italian chef Kharis, 8 years ago, serving traditional Italian delacacies like pizzas, pastas, desserts made from the top quality ingredients. Being an all day diner, Roma Italian is a perfect pit stop on a beach day around Ashwem, Morjim & Mandrem. Awarded one of the top 50 restaurants in Goa 2016-17, one can use The Goan Foodie Privilege card at Roma Italian and enjoy discounts.

Tom Collin - A first for me. Thought the drink was named after the glass it was served in.. Gin assembled with lime juice sugar syrup soda.

Mojito - Refreshing cocktail, just a walk away from the beach.. Fresh mint leaves muddled together with lime juice, lemonade, soda brown sugar, finished with a dash of white rum.

Mickey mouse - Not seen one of these for years... Cola float topped with vanilla ice cream!!

Calda dottore - Literally translated to ‘hot doctor’ in Italian. Off the menu traditionally consumed for cough, cold, stomach ailments made from stewed apples, cherries, palm sugar and pepper all caramelized into a hot sweet syrupy tonic.

Tortellini Bolognese - Home made stuffed pasta, stuffed with a core of meat, covered in Bolognese ragout & topped with parmesan cheese.

Ravioli Roma - Ravioli or stuffed pasta, stuffed with spinach & ricotta cheese, tossed in grilled cherry tomatoes & coarsely ground pesto. 


Caprese - The most famous of them all. Fresh buffalo mozzarella, sliced with roma red tomatoes, with basil, olives & oregano.

Bistecca alla Brace - Classic Italian style cooked steak, with just salt, pepper & olive oil, with a hint of rosemary for the freshness & garlic.

Panacotta - Creamy, silky smooth vanilla custard topped with mango coulis.

Pizza Del porto - A hero at the restaurant that's straight out of their clay oven. Spread with a layer of home made tomato sauce, topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, not to forget the calamari, prawns & clams!!

Pizza alla Norcina - Pizza topped with pepperoni & prosciutto ham, with melted mozzarella & olives..

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