Samarkand, Dona Paula

Tucked away in the corner of the beautiful Vainguinim valley, a stones throw away from the beach, serving a range of delicacies from the North West Frontier. The restaurant got its inspiration from the days of King Puru of Uzbekistan who stood up against Alexander the great. Samarkand is named after the region and the cuisine inspired from the era.

Blue ocean - As blue as the ocean gets. A goblet filled with Tequila, sprite, lime juice & blue coracon, layered  & stirred.

Tequila sunrise - One of my favorite cocktails of all time, so much so that even the Eagles made a song on it.. Haha just kidding. A beautiful cocktail made with Tequila, lime juice, orange juice & topped with granadine. 

Strawberry Margarita - Strawberry crush shaken with tequila & lime juice on alot of ice & a salted rim. 


Rawa fried prawns - Crispy to the core.. Fresh salt water prawns, marinated with traditional Goan spices like red chillis & turmeric, coated with semolina & deep fried.

Masala Papad - A typical Indian snack, one of my favorites actually because of its simplicity. Freshly chopped tomatoes, cucumber & onions, rolled into a conical shaped roasted papadum.

Veg Kabab platter - My style of dish. I.e. When you want to try everything on the menu & you realise you have one stomach!! An assortment of kababs from the list. Rajma ki Galouti, dudhiya kesari paneer & shikampuri kabab.

Masala fried King fish - Just the way us Goans love our fish. Loaded with masala.. Fresh king fish slices, marinated & cooked in our classic Goan reachado masala..

Tandoori badi Mirch - Garden fresh capsicum stuffed with a delicious mix of vegetables & dry fruits. Simply amazing how the flavors compliment each other..

Barrah kabab - Lamb chops, marinated & tenderized over night, cooked in a tandoor & served.

Tandoori Pomfret - Carom seed flavored pomfret, spic d with yellow chilli, turmeric & a house special garam masala, cooked to perfection in a tandoor.

Kastoori Kabab - Succulent pieces of chicken, marinated in an array of spices, served with an amazing mint chutney.

Mutton Rogan josh - Slow cooked mutton chunks, in a rich Kashmiri style gravy made from Kashmiri chilies & spices.

Sikandri raan - Whole leg of lamb, slow cooked for hours. Originated from Rajisthan, it is a delicacy I am sure every Indian has herd of. Basically a rub marinated leg, marinated with aromatic spices & herbs.  

Pudhina paratha - Mint infused flat breat, a perfect accompaniment to any Indian dish.

Chicken Xacuti - The traditional gravy of Goa, chicken xacuti, made from a roasted coconut gravy, with spices, blended & cooked together with the chicken.

Dal Samarkand - Black moong dal, slow cooked for a whole night, spiced with chillis, cumin & ginger, finished with a dash of cream & butter.

Kurmi Naan - The restaurants own creation of a naan flavored with tomato & garlic, an Indian of Italian pizzaa

Dum ki Galouti - An insanely good galauti kabab, made from smoked mutton & lentels, you can literally swallow it without even chewing!!

Sheermal - A super rich flat bread, made from ghee.. Yup.. You got to try it to believe it.

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