Soi, the traditional Goan restaurant, located at the famous night club ‘Sinq’, in Candolim will have a foodie salivating with their wide range of traditional Goan delicacies for both vegetarians & non-vegetarians!! With acharming Goan ‘balcao’ style ambiance and mouth-watering sea fooddelicacies by our very own Veteran Goan ‘Chef Bosteao’,Soi has surely struck the right cord.Although the name ‘Soi’ has an Asian ring to it, it’s an authentic Goan term, often used by my grand mum, meaning grated coconut!!

Veg Balchao Chops – Talk about taking something authentic, twisting it, & twisting it again!! Being a hardcore non-vegetarian Goan, this dish is surely a first timer for me. Potato chops, stuffed with vegetables, tossed with local home-made balchao masala.. Yum!!
Stuffed Squid – Since Goa is a coastal state, we obviously have great seafood. With a perfect blend of local spices, infused with coconut vinegar, sautéed with chopped pieces of squid, stuffed back into the squid & slow cooked to get this perfect caramelised stuffed squid.
Mackerel Cutlet – As a child, the fish cutlet or mackerel cutlet was my all-time favourite snack. Made of boiled & minced mackerel meat, with a dash of home-made spices, onions & green chilli, this is one flavour you can’t miss. Not to forget the semolina coating & shallow fried in coconut oil!!
Stuffed Bangde – Fresh mackerel fillets, stuffed with Goan green masala with onions, coated with semolina & fried.
GoanCafreal roll -  The famous chicken cafreal, chopped into bits stuffed in a flat bread & rolled. With a hint of mint, coriander & green chillis, absolutely divine..
Tivall – A cooler made of fresh kokum juice & coriander. The drink, to remind you ‘You’re in Goa’.
Crab Sukhem  with Goanpao – Local Goan rock crabs, slow cooked in a semi-dry coconut gravy, made of grated coconut & spices. Best consumed with a side of pao or poi bread!!
SungtachemLonchem – A first timer for me. An authentic Goan pickle made with fresh white prawns, marinated with goanreachado masala & garlic, slow cooked till the masala is caramelised.
Alle Belle – Traditional Goan desert, made from a thin crepe stuffed with grated coconut & palm jaggery . Tip: Have this with a side of vanilla ice-cream!!!
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