Tamarin, Calangute

Started 5 years ago, the beautiful garden restaurant has transformed into a modern day food lovers paradise. Serving a mix of comforting Mediterranean food to authentic Kashmiri cuisine, with actual key ingredients flown in from the cool environment of Kashmir. Spear headed by Chef Bilal of Kashmiri origin are now moving beyond the season and are staying open all year round from June 2017. The cherry on top, is their deli section curetted by Chef’s wife, Jennifer. One can find organic coffee, home baked goodies, healthy snacks, vegan chocolates, jams, relishes, chutney, sauces and lots more.

Pomegranate mojito -  Very refreshing indeed. A classic mojito, made from lime, mint & white rum muddled with some sugar & topped with club soda & pomegranate juice.

Strawberry Daiquiri - Classic frozen cocktail, to keep you cool as we enter the warmer months of the year.. Highly recommended during the day. Fresh strawberries blended with rum & a lot of ice, served as a frozen smoothie..

Super food salad -  If healthy and tasty food is on your mind, you better get your share of this wholesome dish made withquinoa, tossed with roasted nuts, bean sprouts, broad beans, char-grilled broccoli, zucchini, served with a zesty lemon  dressing.
Seared yellow fin tuna - A classic looking dish made from pan seared yellow fin tuna,  atop a deconstructed ratatouille, potato straws & drizzled with balsamic glaze.
Spinach, feta & pine nut stuffed chicken breast - Perfect combination of veggies & meats. Chicken breast, wrapped with spinach, feta & pine nuts, rolled & grilled to perfection, served with beetroot puree, pea puree, caramelized carrots & saffron roasted potatoes.
Biryani - One of the most flavorful & aromatic biryani I have ever had. A classic all in one meal consisting or fragrant aromas of basmati  rice, aromatic spices infused into tender pieces of chicken & served with a soothing raita.
Ghushtaba - Another rustic delicacy made from pound mutton, formed into meat balls & slow poached in an aromatic yogurt gravy. Absolutely brilliant..
Rogan Josh - So for those of you who would want to really know what a rogan josh really is, do get a portion of this. Served best with Kashmiri pulao.
Bom Chount - Traditionally unique apples known to grow only in Kashmir, cooked in a tangy gravy using the mawal flower (cockscomb flower) native to Kashmir which gives the dish its intense color. Exotic!
Kashmiri Palow - Traditional pulao made from aromatic basmati rice, tempered with whole spices, topped with dried apricots, figs & nuts.
Zesty lemon tart- made with a delicate short crust pastry, filled with a creamy citrus lemon filling, served with a quenelle of Greek yogurt
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