Tao, Panjim

The newest and rushing straight to the top of our charts, for ‘ Chinese food with an influence of South East Asian’ in the city. Tao, just three months old, serves a new variety of dishes to its clients with a twist, modified to suit the Indian Palate. It even has its own Sol Koddi, which in case you get high on, can always use that as an excuse to skip work when you get back after your lunch.


Amuse Bouche – Crispy fried noodles tossed in , in a sweet & tangy sauce and Asian green tea

Mr. Doc & Mrs. Smith - A cool refreshing cocktail shaken together with apricots, vodka & a squeeze of lemon, finished off with a dash of grenadine
The Asian Ice Tea - I definitely think the beverages here are specially made for the climate of Goa. This mocktail is put together with kefir lime leaves, basil, mint, green apple & to finish off lime juice

Spiced grilled Fish in Banana leaf - A traditional dish, to the famous Indonesian island of Bali. Fillet of fish, marinated in traditional spices, with a hint of basil, wrapped in a banana leaf & grilled.

Spicy grilled Mushrooms - Fresh button mushrooms, grilled in a spicy roasted chili pepper sauce. Fiery on the pallet, and a pleaser.

Northern Thailand Khao Soi - Wheat noodles, cooked in a creamy coconut based Thai curry, with calamari, prawns & fish, served with an assortment of accompaniments.

Famous Thai grilled chicken - Succulent roast chicken, marinated with Thai herbs, chilli & kafir lime leaves, served with a side of fried rice & kimchi salad. Excellent for that

Kimchi Fried rice - As the name says, fried rice, tossed in a wok, with the famous Korean kimchi sauce.
Tofu with exotic mushrooms - An excellent combo, with the kimchee fried rice. Tofu, tossed with shiitake, straw, button & oyster mushrooms. Finished off with water chestnuts!! Coming from a hard core non-vegetarian.. Simply wow..

Sizzling Rocky road brownie, with ice cream & chocolate sauce – OMG! now this is to die for. For everyone who has a sweet tooth!! This Homemade brownie made with nuts, raisins & marsh mellows, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & drowned in chocolate sauce.. a sizzling end to a satisfying meal...

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