Back after a year, and what a transformation. Tao, located on the road to Miramar, in Panjim, serves a range of delicacies from around Asia. Besides Thai and Chinese, they also do a spread of exotics from Vietnam, Bali, etc. With efficient & quick service and mouthwatering delicacies of the east is the key reason to groups of satisfied costumers always seen at the restaurant.

Amuse Bouche – Crispy fried noodles tossed in , in a sweet & tangy sauce and Asian green tea

Mr. Doc & Mrs. Smith - A cool refreshing cocktail shaken together with apricots, vodka & a squeeze of lemon, finished off with a dash of grenadine
The Asian Ice Tea - I definitely think the beverages here are specially made for the climate of Goa. This mocktail is put together with kefir lime leaves, basil, mint, green apple & to finish off lime juice

Spiced grilled Fish in Banana leaf - A traditional dish, to the famous Indonesian island of Bali. Fillet of fish, marinated in traditional spices, with a hint of basil, wrapped in a banana leaf & grilled.

Spicy grilled Mushrooms - Fresh button mushrooms, grilled in a spicy roasted chili pepper sauce. Fiery on the pallet, and a pleaser.

Northern Thailand Khao Soi - Wheat noodles, cooked in a creamy coconut based Thai curry, with calamari, prawns & fish, served with an assortment of accompaniments.

Famous Thai grilled chicken - Succulent roast chicken, marinated with Thai herbs, chilli & kafir lime leaves, served with a side of fried rice & kimchi salad. Excellent for that

Kimchi Fried rice - As the name says, fried rice, tossed in a wok, with the famous Korean kimchi sauce.
Tofu with exotic mushrooms - An excellent combo, with the kimchee fried rice. Tofu, tossed with shiitake, straw, button & oyster mushrooms. Finished off with water chestnuts!! Coming from a hard core non-vegetarian.. Simply wow..

Sizzling Rocky road brownie, with ice cream & chocolate sauce – OMG! now this is to die for. For everyone who has a sweet tooth!! This Homemade brownie made with nuts, raisins & marsh mellows, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & drowned in chocolate sauce.. a sizzling end to a satisfying meal...

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