The Banyan, Assagao

One can now dine under a two hundred year old magnificent banyan tree in Assagao, at the all new pan Asian restaurant, ‘The Banyan’. This charming and tasteful restaurant is another feather on  Mr. Tejpal Gandhi’s hat, who is a well renownedrestaurateur from Pune, with decades of experience in hospitality. The restaurant will bowl you over with its vast range of cuisines, right from Chinese, to Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese made with impeccable detail and quality ingredients. Even the cocktails have an interesting oriental twist to tantalize your taste buds.

Kimchitini - A delicately executed martini made from the popular Korean salad 'kimchi' shaken with vodka, vermouth & ice, finished with a squeeze of lime.

Galangal Daiquiri - A refreshing cocktail with the sharpness of galangal toned down with a dash of white rum, lime & orange juice.


Spring vegetables, garlic & coriander Dim sum -   Artistically hand crafted dim sum, stuffed with a mix of chopped spring vegetables , garlic & coriander, accompanied with a choice of sauces.

Prawn & chicken sui mai - Another well crafted dim sum, known as a sui mai, made with finely chopped prawns & veggies, stuffed into an open dim sum & steamed...Its to die for!

Stir fried lotus stem -   One of my favorite appetizers from way back when i worked in an oriental restaurant in Delhi. Battered lotus stem, fried crisp & tossed into an aromatic Korean black bean sauce with green onions.

Konjee Krispy Lamb - Another comforting appetizer I highly recommend. Finely sliced juliennes of lamb, dusted with flour, deep fried & tossed in a hoisin sauce.

Vietnamese garlic beef - Succulent strips of beef, slow roasted with an array of flavors, tossed with garlic & Nuoc Mau.

Soto Ayam - A creamy soup to die for! made from diced chicken cubes & vermicelli, slow poached in a creamy coconut milk, with crispy onions, boiled egg & a squeeze of lime.

Roast Duck Bao -   A light & fluffy bao bun, stuffed with a roast duck filling and jalapeños & finally steamed.

Two mushrooms sticky rice zongzi - Traditional Chinese steamed sticky rice, wrapped in banana leaf & steamed with your choice meat, seafood or mushrooms. Here we had the two varieties of mushrooms bursting with rich flavours.

Pad kee Mao - A quick stir fry of chicken, tossed with baby corn, broccoli and chicken best served with sticky rice.

Burmese Khowsuey - As Burmese as it can be. Traditional home style Burmese noodle dressed with a creamy rich coconut milk gravy scented with curry powder, topped with crispy fried onion, garlic, noodles. Oh so comforting.

Thap Thim krop - The famous  Thai dessert made from water chestnut rubies, topped with chilled coconut milk and chia seeds.

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