The Canteen

The Canteen at Cafe inn, Palolem

 Its a year now, since we have been recommending the famous Cafe Inn, located in Palolem, & man, their English breakfast has become so popular that quite a few bikers including me ride all the way from North Goa to feast on it. Last Sunday I rode to Palolem again to find that it’s now a notch higher, with their all new canteen, serving Israeli delicacies, classics such as Jerusalem Mix, Shawarma. What a feast! Foodies, introducing, ‘The Canteen’

Mint Smoothie - Combat the Goan Summer in a giffy with one glass of this ice cool, delicious smoothie.     
Malabi - Traditional Turkish pudding made with rose water, topped with raspberry syrup, desiccated coconut & roasted nuts.  

Chef's Prawn Masala - You have to see the smile on my face to know how good this really is. Fresh prawns, tossed in a homemade spice mix, stuffed with a pickled onion and coriander salad.
Lamb Burger - A super delicious, moist patty, made from beef mince & lamb, tucked into a pita pocket, with basil pesto cream & cherry tomatoes. Its to die for

Sabich -  An earthy sandwich stuffed with grilled egg plant, boiled egg & lots of fresh coriander, fresh parsley & tahini sauce.

Antipasti - An assorted platter of veggies, grilled but crisp, with herbs, spices & olive oil. A delicious side if you ask me.
Falafel Plate - The famous falafel. Don't think it gets any more authentic than this. Made from chickpea & herbs, deep fried & served with hummus, grilled eggplant, sautéed onions & pickled onions.
Shawarma Plate - A deconstructed shawarma, served on a plate!! With a side of hummus, sautéed onions, eggplant, pickled onion & chicken.
Jerusalem Mix -  Another deconstructed platter with a twist. The Jerusalem mix is a special mix made with chicken breast, thighs, liver and heart. For all those who love offal. 
Nutella in Pita - A first time for me. Chocolate Nutella spread between pita & served with ice cream. comfort food.. Mmmm 

Chocolate cake - Moist & extremely delicious chocolate cake with a homemade chocolate glaze, served with vanilla ice cream. Highly recommended!

Basbusa - A mild flavored rich & sweet semolina cake all the way from Tripoli!!

Bagsu cake - A biscuit cake, layered with toffee & chocolate. Need I say more?? 


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