The Oak Barrel, Miramar

Much like its name The Oak Barrel will make any foodie feel warm and welcomed with its tasteful ambience and fantastic blend of a superb bar menu, pub grub and cuisine. I was impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of their spectacular Oriental and Thai cuisine with some exotic dishes, even for the vegetarians. A perfect setting to wine and dine with friends and family this Christmas or even to grab a few beers with your colleagues in the city over interesting bar games.

The third weel - Tropical teaser with a very fruity finish. A cocktail created to complement ' the haddi from the kabab' a perfect blend of vodka, dark rum & peach liquor topped with orange juice.

Chocolate barrel - A desert cocktail made from chocolate sauce shaken with vanilla ice cream, nutmeg & a generous doze of burbon.

Go green - Something on the healthier side.. Well if that side exists when we talking over a few drinks.. Granny smith apples blended together with garden fresh cucumber with a drizzle of some fine gin.

Sussegado Goenkar - Every modern Goan's dream.. To be a sussegado fellow. Well after one of these, the thought would kick in alot more. A smooth blend of cashew feni topped with orange juice & a dash of fresh basil.

Crabmeat Inferno - Spicy but subtle soup made with crab meat, with heat from chopped birds eye Thai chillis, slow cooked with shitake mushrooms & brunoise of broccoli. 

Tangy Thai fry - Crisp fried chicken nuggets tossed in a tangy fiery sauce. A perfect combination with a feni cocktail.

Vietnamese summer roll - As fresh & light as can be. The Vietnamese summer roll made from a rice sheet, tolled with crisp vegetables & prawns, & a few mint leaves to add to the freshness, topped with a sweet chili sauce. Yumm!!

Honey chili Lotus stem - Crisp fried lotus stem, tossed in a dry sauce of peppers & chilli flakes with honey.

Taipei style chicken - Chicken tenders marinated & fried in a sweet garlic sauce, tossed with crisp fried spinach. Its to die for!!

XO prawns - Fresh white prawns dunked in a batter & fried crisp, tossed in the famous oriental XO sauce.

Laksa - From the kitchens of chinese & Malay comes Laksa, a noodle dish cooked in a rich sauce made from coconut milk & curry powder, tossed with tofu & topped with boiled egg.

Pomfret lemon pepper - A portion fit for a king!! Slow cooked pomfret topped with a lemon pepper sauce, served with a side of stir fried veggies, raw papaya salad, steamed rice & prawn wafers. 

Mee siam - one of my all time favorite style of noodles, rice vermicelli, tossed with spring vegetables, with egg & chicken.

Mixed vegetable chilli bean bomb - Chefs special stirfry, made with flash cooked vegetables in a semi spicy sauce.

WTF - What the Fruit!! Watermelon stuffed with fruit & jello..

Dark chocolate spring rolls - Chocolate lovers, this has to be a new one for you. Fried spring roll, stuffed with chocolate nuts, topped with chocolate sauce!!

Coconut creme caramel - This by far should be that national desert of Goa!! Caramel custard with coconut!!

Char sui pork ribs - Fall off the bone pork ribs, marinated in a sweet ginger sauce, & cooked to perfection.. Pork lovers, do not leave without trying this!! 

Veg massaman curry - All the way from Thailand, made from a rich coconut cream & chillis, and a generous amount of veggies, not to forget the lemongrass & kafir ime leaves.

Stir fried Lamb - Roasted lamb shoulder, slow cooked & tossed in a hot wok with light soy, skitake mushrooms & chinese cabbage. 

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