The Tibetan Kitchen

28 years down the line, ‘The Tibetan Kitchen’ is focusing mainly on consistency of the food, the age old flavours take me back to my yester years as a kid, where I precisely remember these flavours which are still the same. As a child who loved food, this little restaurant back then was one of my favourite Sunday dinner joints, on the way back home from the beach. Located at the end of a tiny little lane , near the Calangute beach, today the restaurant has extended their menu, serving not only delicacies from Tibet, but Thai, continental & Indian too!!

Avocado stuffed Prawns – Freshly broken salad greens, tossed together with tropical fresh fruits & slices of avocado, topped with stir fried prawns & accompanied with traditional Tibetan home-made ‘Amdo’ bread.
Fried Momo’s – My all-time favourite that has been pulling me back here for over 23 years!! The beef momo’s. Moist & succulent, just the way they should be.
Steamed Momo’s – Steamed dumplings, stuffed with your choice of filling of either beef, chicken or veggies. Juicy to the core!!
Prawn mushroom garlic – White prawns tossed with garlic & mushrooms, served on a bed of fresh salad. Yum.
Chetse – A signature Tibetan flat noodle tossed with butter, with mixed vegetables & mushrooms. Topped with a tomato based sauce, & if you like, can be done with beef or chicken too!!
Kuchow style prawns – From the Thai selection comes ‘Kuchow style prawns’. Basically batter fried prawns, tossed in a tomato based sauce, topped with crisp fried spinach.
Chef’s special Chicken – Another dish from the Thai section. Boneless chicken cubes, marinated & grilled on skewers, topped with a garlic tomato & spring onion sauce.
Calamari from the Deep!! – Portion of fried calamari, served with home-made fries, served with house salad & crispy spinach.
Veg. Korean Noodles – Rice noodles, tossed with an array of veggies, with a hint of turmeric & seasoning.
Tibetan butter tea – Special Tibetan milk tea, made with butter & salt. Now that’s something different..
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