Trip, Morjim

The beautiful Morjim beach is known to have a few great restaurants along the beach front. & one of the latest more hip places happens to be called ‘Trip’. A rustic but modern feel of the restaurant that gives you the feel of both serenity & peace. What surprised me was the menu had Sushi!! With a brilliant view of the beach, one could spend hours sipping on some exotic cocktails and enjoying delicious food.


Arancini balls - The Italian version of a rice ball made with a cheese & jalapeño center, breaded & fried, served with tomato ragout..

Baikal roll - The chefs special. A roll made with tempura king prawns, cucumber, lettuce & mayo, rolled in a sheet of nori.

California roll - Sushi, the ultimate in comfort food. Here we have the famous California roll made with Japanese rice stuffed & rolled with king prawns, avocado, mayo & Tobiko or flying fish roe..

Cilantro Chicken - Juicy chicken thighs, marinated with a light cilantro marinade, with a side of lemon coriander dip & served on a bed of onion rings & lettuce.

Lock stock & smoking barrel - Hats off to the bar tender for this one. After the first sip.. I felt like this is the liquid version of what an apple pie should be!! A delicious cocktail made with vodka, smoked pineapple, pineapple juice vanilla.. Finished with a hint of cinnamon..

Fruit punch - Fruity fruit punch shaken together with Pineapple juice, mix fruit juice, mango juice & vanilla ice cream..


Pounded chicken thighs - As the name goes, a well pounded chicken thigh, grilled to perfection, topped with a pink pepper glaze & served along side some tempura fried vegetables & hint of thyme.

Rosemary blueberry smash - Cool off in the summer heat with one of these. Classy mocktail shaken together with blueberry slush, fresh rosemary, sour mix topped with club soda & a squeeze of lime..

Watermelon Martini - The best way to have a watermelon in a glass.. Vodka shaken with fresh watermelon juice, lime & ice!!

Soft center chocolate pudding - A molten chocolate center pudding, that is absolutely devine. Served with vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce.

Thyme black pepper grilled chicken - A form of chicken 'Rouladé' made from chicken breast that has been rolled with a mushrooms & ricotta cheese stuffing, on a bed of wild spinach & arborio rice. The flavors seem to give a very rustic finish on the palate. 

Vegetable risotto - A smooth & creamy vegetable risotto, made with arborio rice, with broccoli & peppers.

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