Voltaire, Verem.

Touching Goa’s busiest waters, the Mandovi, has a new foodie destination located on the road to Reis Magos fort. ‘Voltaire’ blew my taste buds with its traditional Goan Saraswat food available all year round. The attention to detail, authenticity of the recipes and high quality ingredients will make anyone’s experience memorable, not to forget the warm hospitality and welcoming woody ambience with a priceless view. One can actually grab a Voltaire and sit back and enjoy a lovely afternoon watching the world go by while sipping on some innovative Feni cocktails.

Stuffed Squids - Rollie pollie baby squid stuffed with a classic Goan stuffing made of sautéed vegetables and chopped squid, stuffed & flash cooked. Served with a local Goan salad.

Eggplant & potato foddi - Marinated slices of eggplant & potatoes dusted in semolina & fried. A great accompaniment with a Goan meal or even a starter.

Fruit punch - The classic fruit punch whipped together with pineapple juice, orange juice, mango juice, fresh cream & garnished with a wedge of orange with strawberry crush.

Alya faar - The name absolute cracked me up. Literally translated to Ginger blast, this spectacular cocktail comprises of Cashew fenni, blue coraçon, ginger juice & rock salt topped up with lemonade. Love the way the bar tender has elevated this local flavor to an international standard cocktail!!

Kokum Spritzer - Among the various flavors specifically known to have evolved from Goa, Kokum is one such fruit that totally represents our little state. A crafty cocktail put together with kokum juice, sugar & a doze of local cashew fenni, wound up with mint & ice and jeera or cumin powder.

Bull Frog -  Since we are in the middle of the Goan monsoon, our fields flooded with one special creature, the bull frog. Here is a cocktail depicting this amphibian. Twisted together in a tall zombie glass with gin, vodka, tequila, white rum, blue coraçon & topped with red bull. A couple of these will surely make you hop!!

Toi - Lightly tempered local style of dal, made from toor dal, which has been cooked in a flavored stock & tempered with ghee or clarified butter, cumin seeds & mustard .

Khatkhate - A special vegetable curry made during the month of shravan. Garden fresh veggies poached in a well rounded coconut gravy made from tamarind, ginger, turmeric & jaggery. Slightly higher n the sweeter side..

Amadeche Udamethi - The classic shravan special, which I guess no meal would be complete without. Hog plums poached in a rich coconut gravy made with jaggery, fenugreek seeds & mustard seeds with a pinch of hing.

Ghario - Delicately made local ghario, made from udat dal soaked & ground, mixed together with ginger, semolina & grated coconut, formed into mini doughnuts & fried. Served with a sweet and tangy tamarind sauce.

Masala stuffed Mackerel in Banana leaf - Classic steamed mackerel marinated with a green masala made of Coriander, green chili, ginger & garlic, wrapped in a banana leaf & cooked to perfection. Rounded up well with a squeeze of lime.

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