Wok & Roll

Started almost 2 years ago by 3 passionate friends, Wok & Roll has surely created a mark, in the food industry in Goa. Dishing out some of the best south East Asian cuisine, one can find around. Happen to go here only to find out that all the sauces served in the restaurant are all made in house!!?? Little did I know that they source each ingredient carefully before using them. This also could be a veggie paradise!! The whole menu can be made with the same sauces with either pork, beef, chicken or vegetables. To add to the excitement, they have thrown in a different regional menu’s every month!!

Asian Caipiroska – served in a fancy old fashioned glass, this refreshing cocktail is something you would want, at a day’s end. With vodka, kafir lime, mint, lime and brown sugar

Fussy navel – Slightly on the stiffer side, this vodka, peach, orange juice with a dash of grenadine drink served in a fancy zombie glass is another must try.
Asian icy tea – Another refreshing beverage serves at wok and roll. Put together with Kafir lime leaves, mint leaves, lime, green apple and lemonade. But this time it’s a mocktail!!

Thai garlic peppered prawns – Deep fried prawns tossed in a stir fry style mix of pepper, chilli and crisp garlic flakes. With a crisp texture with a soft core

Honey glazed pot roast pork spare ribs – In case you were wondering where you could eat the juiciest most succulent pork ribs, well I think we just found it. While it slides off the bone, you just get a perfect blended flavor of staranis, and cinnamon, with a deep smoky flavor.

Cambodian style beef – tender, juicy stir fried beef, in a dark sauce with black pepper, cherry tomatoes & shallots. Perfect with some steamed rice

Chicken curry, Vietnamese style – in a rich coconut milk gravy, cooked, juicy chicken with a lemon grass twist. Another grate pair with steamed rice

Water chestnut rubies – Served in cold sweetened coconut milk, these rubies are really pieces of water chestnuts which have been soaked in a special red solution specially imported from Thailand!! And that’s not all, they are served with a fruit called “Longan” which comes from the “Litchi” family!!

Fried Ice-cream – Ice-cream served in a deep fried coating made from corn flakes.

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