All We had to Do was ask our Foodies which doughnuts did they prefer. Baker street was the unamious vote and voila a flash doughnut eating contest was thrown in By The Goan Foodie at The Baker Street. And we rightfully called it GO NUTS FOR DOUGHNUTS looking at the frenzy it stirred up. Contestants of all ages were devouring Baker Street’s doughnuts. The challenge was to DOWN A DOZEN DOUGHNUTS. It all came down to this.. A mob, hungry for just one thing… DOUGHNUTS!!! in all 450 were made.. and towards the end, nun remained.. Man do we Go Nuts for Doughnuts!!! A big thank you to all who came, the participants, the audience, the media, OHeraldo for the feature, Bakers street and the team. Great stuff. Until the next BIG event!!!

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