Man Vs Food 2016

The Goan Foodie’s Man Vs Food 2016 has is the 3rd of its kind. 2 years ago the North Goans took the title, last year the South Goans did. This year to give a fair chance to both the regions we had 2 prelims one in the North and the other in South. Therefore this year The Goan Foodie’s Man Vs Food 2016 is a NORTH VS SOUTH challenge.

12 challengers from each region were selected. The first prelims were held at Praana, Calangute, a restaurant that has been awarded One of The Top 50 restaurants of Goa 206-17 by The Goan Foodie for its North Indian cuisine. The owner Gaurav Arora set a challenge for our 12 foodies : a portion of Mutton Burra, Chicken Malai kabab and a Naan. The contestants and spectators were stumped at the magnitude of the challenge, but Man Vs Food being the biggest hogathon of the year by The Goan Foodie, the challenge fit the bill. 3 challengers emerged as finalist..Adrian completing his challenge in a shocking 13.1 minutes, Alister in 17.21 minutes and to everyones surprise Sarita the only woman in the North prelims beat the remaining boys in 25.03 minutes.


The second prelims was held on Sunday noon at Peppers, Margao. Where 12 challengers from the South showed up to find a place in the Grand Finale. The challenge was set by the owner, Rommel where participants had to finish 30 spicy wing with large portion of fries. The challengers including 3 women participants fought the food to find a place as a finalist. However we had 3 finalists who finished their food the fastest Sahil, Rox and lester finishing in 12.13 minutes, 13.50 minutes and 15.27 minutes respectively.

The 6 finalist went to the Grand Finale at Mickey’s in Colva where title defender and winner of last years Man Vs Food, Conrad barrette came to challenge the finalists. Adrian Dsouza from North Goa took the title beating food in mere 8 minutes 50 seconds taking home the Title and the grand prize.

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