Beetroot Crostini

One of the tastiest and most loved roots of all time, Beet root. This much loved tuber can be eaten in numerous ways, from simply boiled, to sauteed, to even pickled!!
This week, a simple take on my version of a beetroot Crostini. Try it out and see what you think. It can be made in just minutes!!


Beet root – 2no.
Garlic chopped – 4 cloves
Spring onion – 1no.
Mayonnaise – 1tbsp
Baguette – 1no.
Salt & pepper – to taste

1) Mise en place. Collect all the ingredients before you begin.
2) Begin by prepping the Beet root. Peal & dice into about 1cm cubes. Chop the spring onion too into 1 cm cubes. Slice the baguette and leave aside.
3) Boil the Beet root cubes in water with salt. Once done, cool it down & set aside.
4) Sauté the garlic in a frying pan with some oil. Add in the boiled Beet root & spring onion. Season with salt & pepper & take off the gas & cool. Once cooled, add in a spoon oy mayonnaise and mix well using a spoon.
5) Serve atop posted slices of vague& garnish with chopped spring onion!!

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