Blue Lip Mussels in white wine

Blue lip mussels, known as ‘Xinanaio’ in Goa, makes a great summer snack. Instead of masking it with too many spices, one could bring out the distinct flavour of the sea that these mussles have by enhancing it with white wine, the Mediterranean way.



Mussels – 25 no.

Bacon – 20gm

Onion – ½ no.

Garlic – 5 no.

Parsley – 1 tbsp

Lime – ½ no.

Butter – 1tbsp

Cream – 2tbsp

White wine – 60ml

Bread – to mop up the plate


1)      Before you begin.. collect you ‘Mise en Place’.

2)      Wash & roughly clean your mussels. Once clean, add a table spoon of pepper & soak them in water. This is a trick I learned to make the mussels spit out all the sand. Soak them for 20min to 30 min. wash & strain under running water.

3)      Chop the onion, parsley, bacon & garlic. Now you are ready for some fast cooking!!

4)      Place your frying pan on high heat. Add in the butter, bacon, garlic & onion. Sauté until the bacon is slightly lightly golden. Add in the mussels, & keep tossing to get them coated evenly. Once the mussels open, drizzle in the wine & let the dish simmer till it almost dries up. At this stage, add in the cream & parsley. Give it a good last toss & take off the heat.

5)      Serve with some artisan bread & a squeeze of lime!!

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