Bruschetta with Fresh Tomato & Basil

This week, I thought of doing something a little Italian. Simple but fresh flavors, with the acidity of tomatoes and sweetness of sweet lime, balancing the topping with the Key ingredient being Garlic bread. I found Bakehouse Garlic bread to work really well because of its light texture & being full of flavor which helps lift the topping and is available at most supermarkets across Goa.
Bruschetta with Fresh Tomato & Basil

Tomatoes – 1 large
Garlic minced – 2no
Black olives chopped – 4no.
Grilled capsicum – 1no.
Sweet lime – 1 no.
Extra virgin olive oil – 1tbsp
Balsamic vinegar – 1tsp
Fresh basil leaves, chopped – 6 to 7no.
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
Bake House Garlic bread – 3 slices


In a bowl, combine chopped tomatoes, olives, garlic, basil, chopped capsicum, olive oil, balsamic vinegar & season with salt & pepper & mix. Peel the sweet lime & remove segments. Grill the slices of bread or toast it. Spoon the tomato mixture on to the crisp garlic bread, & place the sweet lime segment on top. Serve with a glass of white wine.



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