Chicken liver pate with mango & chilli compote

We are all familiar with what chicken liver should taste like. So I thought of taking it a step further & what better of  mixing it with a summer flavour than with the king of fruits, the mango. Give it a shot & let me know what you think!!



Chicken liver – ¼ kg

Milk – 300ml

Butter – 2tbsp

Garlic (chopped) – 2tbsp

Onion (chopped) – 3tbsp

Parsley (chopped) – 1tbsp

Brandy – 30ml

Cream – 100ml

Mango – 100gm

Sugar ½ tsp

Chilli flakes – 1tsp

Rocket lettuce – 4 leaves

French Baguette – 6 slices


1)      Chop all the vegetables & keep aside.

2)      Wash the liver & soak it in milk overnight. This will reduce the smell & give the liver a more subtle flavour.

3)      Add the butter to a non-stick pan. On a high flame, add in the garlic & onion. Sauté till the onion gets translucent. Strain the liver from the milk & add it to the pan. Sauté well till the liver is cooked. Once cooked, add in the brandy & let it flambé. This will help the spirit to evaporate quicker & deglaze the pan. Add in the parsley & blend using cream to get a smooth & creamy texture. Cool for a few hours before serving.

4)      For the mango compote, peel, slice & chop the mango. Add it to a hot non-stick pan. Sauté slowly for about 5 min. add in the sugar & chilli flakes & cook till a smooth creamy paste.

Serve the pate over toasted baguette on some rocket lettuce with a blob of mango chilli compote. Enjoy!!

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