Dinner rolls

The last time I remember baking bread was about 10 years ago. Nothing beats homemade fresh bread, everyone can make some with utmost simplicity. All you need is an oven & baking treys!! Here’s my version of soft rolls/ Dinner rolls.

Dinner rolls



All-purpose flour – 1kg

Baker’s yeast – 20gm

Sugar – 20gm

Salt – 15gm

Oil – 30ml

Water – To knead

Flour – For dusting


Sieve the flour & mix in the salt & sugar, keep aside. In a bowl, mix some water and yeast together to form a liquid. Add it to the flour & knead to a smooth dough. Add the oil & more water if required. Once the dough is done, place in a bowl & cover with a wet muslin cloth for about 20 min or till double in size.

Once the dough has risen, dust some flour lightly on the table. Knead the dough once roughly to push out the air formed in the dough & shape into desired shapes. Place on a greased baking trey leaving enough space between the bread rolls & bake in a pree-heated oven at 210*C for 10-15 min or till golden brown. Brush the bread with some oil as soon as you take it out of the oven to get that awesome golden look!!

Note: bigger the loaf of bread, the longer it takes to cook.

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