German Potato salad with a Goan touch

With the month of October slowly coming to an end, I thought of highlighting a very important signature dish; the German Potato salad. But thought of tweaking it & giving it a slight Goan touch. Simple, & delicious. Yes it can be served straight up or even as a side!!



Potatoes – 2no

Chives – 2tsp ( chopped)

Red onion – 2tsp (chopped)

Tambdi bhaji – 2tbsp (julienne)

Mayonnaise – 1tbsp

Course Mustard – 1tsp

Apple cider vinegar – 1tsp

Salt – to taste

Ground pepper – to taste


1)      Start by first collecting all the ingredients.

2)      Boil the potatoes in some water with salt. Make sure the potatoes are completely submerged. Boil with skin on. Once done, peel the potatoes & dice them up.

3)      Chop up the chives, red onion & tambdi bhaji. Add it to a bowl with the mayonnaise & mustard.

4)      Mix in the potatoes, cider vinegar & season. Give it a good mix to coat evenly.

5)      Serve & enjoy warm or cold!!

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