Goan Choriso Plait

I stumbled upon a block of ready to use puff pastry dough, now available in a few supermarkets. Although versatile, the puff pastry dough is simple to use with the right technique. So this week, I made a Goan Choriso stuffing, stuffed into puff pastry & baked it..as simple as that!!




Goan Choriso – 250gm

Onion – 1no.

Oil – 2tsp

Puff pastry dough – 200gm


  1. Slice the onion & chop the Choriso. Remember to remove the string & casing from the Choriso.
  2. Heat the oil in a pan, & sauté the Choris for about 5 min. Add some water if the Choriso tends to stick to the pan. Finally add in the sliced onion, give it a quick stir & take off the gas.
  3. Lightly dust some flour on the surface before you begin rolling the puff dough. Remember, you are trying to make it evenly thin.
  4. Once done, using a sharp knife, cut the dough into strips on either sides & place the stuffing in the center. Slowly cover it entirely, using a little dab of water to make the two ends stick like shown in the picture.
  5. Bake in a pre heated oven at 250*c for 8-10 min or till golden brown. Enjoy a crunchy crispy and wholesome snack!!
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