Grilled sweet potato with pepper coulis

My signature appetiser, is a total tongue teaser. It may look simple but the exotic blend of flavours has an unusual mouth feel. It is difficult to decipher the recipe by just eating it. Try this dish to impress your guests.



Sweet potato – ½ kg

Garlic – 10 cloves

Onion – ½ no.

Bell pepper – 2 no.

BBQ sauce – 1 cup

Salt & pepper – to taste

Olive oil – for grilling


1)      Begin by first collecting all your ingredients. This is called ‘mise en place’

2)      Top a pot with water & add in the sweet potatoes. Add some salt & let it boil. Cook the sweet potatoes till about 80% cooked & turn off the gas. Strain them & let them cool. By the time they are cool, they will be 100% cooked.

3)      Roughly chop the onion, garlic & peppers & toss it into a pot. Sauté them till some start to char a bit. This will help release the smokiness of the peppers. Add in the BBQ sauce & give it a final stir. Once the mix is cool, add to a blender & grind to a smooth paste. Pass through a strainer to remove all excess skin & other lumps giving the coulis a smooth texture. Cool when done.

4)       Once the potatoes are room temperature, slice them into 1cm thick roundels. Grill them on a hotplate with some olive oil on both sides. Once done start to plate.

5)      Arrange your grilled sweet potato slices in an order you want. Add a spoon of the bell pepper coulis & garnish with a sprig of parsley for he freshness.. Enjoy !!

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