Herb Garlic Cheese Crostini

Taking the flavours back to the Mediterranean region, I discovered a very simple way to make cream cheese & elevating it to suit many a pallet. With a few simple ingredients, you could make this in no time. Try for yourself.



Milk – 1lt

Vinegar – 2tbsp

Garlic – 5 cloves

Thyme – ½ tsp

Spring onion – 2tbsp

Salt & pepper – to taste

Paprika – for garnish

Garlic bread (sliced length wise) – 3 slices


1)      Begin by collecting your ingredients.

2)      Add 940ml of milk to a pot & place over a medium flame. Once the milk starts to boil, reduce the flame & let it simmer. Add in the vinegar & stir the milk gently to make the milk split. You will see the milk forming into lumps. That’s what you need to see.

3)      Continue simmering till all the whey has separated from the milk solids. Strain the milk solids & cool it down. The liquid wey can be discarded.

4)       Once the milk solids have been cooled, add the garlic, salt & pepper to the blender. At this point add in about 50ml of milk & give it a good blend to form a smooth paste. Once this is done, transfer the paste to a bowl & stir in the thyme & chopped spring onions. Check the seasoning.

5)      Top in onto lightly toasted bread & dust with a bit of paprika.. your done!!

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