Kuwalo (coconut heart) salad

One of my fondest childhood memories growing up in in the beautiful villages of Goa, was squabling over the prized heart of a freshly fallen coconut tree known as ‘Kuwalo’ in Konkani. With a subtle flavour of coconut & texture of tender baby bamboo, ‘Kuwalo’ can uplift a fresh raw salad to a whole new level.



Kuwalo (coconut heart) – 100gm

Cherry tomatoes – 10no.

Purple cabbage – 10gm

Spring onion – 2tbsp

Rocket lettuce – 10 leaves

For the dressing:

Vinegar – 25ml

Dijon mustard – ¼ tsp

Salt & pepper – to taste

Olive oil – 50ml


  1.       Begin the recipe by collecting all your ingredients. This is called ‘Mise en place’
  2. Wash all the vegetables under cool running water. Peel the cabbage, cut into 4 pieces & remove the center stem. Slice into fine strands. This type of cut of vegetable is called ‘chiffonade’
  3.       Chop the leaves of the spring onions,  slice the cherry tomatoes into two, slice the Kuwalo & break the stems off the rocket lettuce.
  4. Whisk together all the ingredients of the dressing to make a simple french vinaigrette.
  5.       Toss the vegetables together & drizzle the salad dressing over. Voila.. your done!!
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