Mango & Ricotta Tartlet On Chocolate Soil

Ever wondered how chefs make such complex desserts with so many different elements in just one dish? The ‘key’ is to create multiple textures in a single dessert platter. This simple recipe will help you unlock one such secret, with the use of fresh mango simple tartlet shell  easily available in the market.


Makes 6 portions


For the tartlet

Ricotta cheese – 1 cup

Mango – 1 no.

Castor sugar – 2 tsp

Ready tartlet base – 6 no.

Thyme – to garnish


For the soil

Chocolate cookies – 6no.

For the Greek Mango yoghurt

Yoghurt – 1 cup

Mango – 1 no.


  1. Begin by collecting your ingredients. This is called ‘mise en place’
  2. Begin by making the Greek yoghurt. Using a muslin cloth, strain the yoghurt. Place the yoghurt in the center of the cloth. Gather the 4 ends of the muslin cloth & tie it to your tap, keeping it suspended above your sink so that the yoghurt remains in the cloth & most of the water gets strained out. Let it hanging for about an hour so you will get a thick creamy yoghurt. Transfer it to a bowl & mix it with the flesh of one mango. You will get a semi sweet thick mango yoghurt.
  3. For the soil, place the biscuits in a bowl. Using a steel glass, crush them evenly to resemble the texture of garden soil. You could use your favorite chocolate cookies.
  4. For the tartlet, I always thought of using them in different ways besides the usual tuna filling or Russian salad. And as they are available all over the market, it makes work much easier!! Begin by combining the ricotta cheese, mango flesh & castor sugar in a bowl. Blend well & generously fill each tartlet shell. Garnish with a sprig of thyme.
  5. Finally assemble the whole desert by first spreading the soil on your plate, followed by placing the tartlet & adding a dollop of Greek yoghurt. Finally add a few more sprigs of thyme to make it look like the leaves are growing in your soil & add a segment of mango!!
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